Brastislava at night (photo: Lubos Houska)

Brastislava at night (photo: Lubos Houska)

Warner Music Group has acquired Forza Music, a major player in the Slovakian music scene.

Warner Music Group (WMG) has just acquired a solid catalogue of international music — and an important chip in Central Europe.  As of July 5th, Forza Music, a prominent Slovakian entertainment company, has become part of WMG’s portfolio. The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed.

Forza’s most noteworthy musical property comes in the form of the rights to OPUS, the state-operated record company of the former Czechoslovakia.  OPUS was privatized in 1990 and has been owned by Forza for the last 15 or so years.

OPUS is now based in Slovakia, and its aforementioned tracks, which include some of the most popular Central European music released during the latter half of the twentieth century, is sure to be marketed and reinvigorated by WMG’s considerable resources and industry experience.

Specifically, WMG has already hinted that they will work to make the music more digitally accessible; most of the songs in question are available online only in low-quality versions — if they’re available online at all.  This digitalization effort will coordinate with enhanced marketing of OPUS itself, which is set to be headed by Julius Kincek, a well-known Slovakian record producer.

It’ll be interesting to see precisely how WMG works to improve Forza Music’s — and OPUS’ — prominence.  All parties involved in the acquisition, from WMG’s regional executives to those employed at Forza Music, are speaking optimistically about the partnership (as you’d expect).

The last three decades have brought ample excitement — and positive change — to Slovakia.

The nation’s economy has been growing rapidly under newly implemented free-market policies, and in 2004, Slovakia was admitted into the European Union.  Presently, Slovakia’s infrastructure is being further updated, and with more disposable income, the country’s citizens have taken to spending on entertainment and luxury — hence WMG’s interest in Forza.